DRY Magnet, Superconducting
MR up to 9.4T

The MRS*DRYMAG technology does not require liquid helium for cooling.
From 3T to 9.4T, variable field, vertical magnet and PET/SPECT compatible

High Resolution CT up to 12 kg animals

Four CT scanners are available from Benchtop to large scanners with the ability to image
up to 12 kg animals

PET/MR Imaging
up to 9.4T

Simultaneous PET/MR imaging with PET INSERT,
Sequential PET/MR & PET/CT imaging with


Four PET/CT's from rodents to 12 kg animals using PET CLIP-ON technology. Compatible with MR up to 9.4T

PET scanners for PET/CT, PET/MR and standalone

The MRS*PET INSERT is designed for simultaneous acquisition together with the MR modality. The MRS*PET CLIP-ON is designed for sequential acquisition with the MR modality but also with MR Solutions’ CT


The MRS*SPECT CLIP-ON is designed for sequential multimodality imaging in combination with CT and MR up to 9.4T

MR Systems

Refurbish and enhance all components
from any MR system

MRI Spectrometers

Unlimited TX and RX in multiples of 4, Multiple Gbyte pulse program and waveform memory, Pulse sequence floating point support and Pulse sequence maths library support


Angiography, Neurology, Cardiology, Anatomy, Oncology, spectroscopy etc...

MR Solutions Awards

Awards won by MR Solutions for innovations