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About Us

MR SOLUTIONS is an independent world leader in MRI technology, developer and manufacturer of the world’s first range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free (dry magnet), preclinical MR systems. PET, CT and SPECT modules are available for sequential and simultaneous imaging.

MR SOLUTIONS Headquarters

Guildford UK, Europe

MR Solutions has 100% market coverage either through direct sales or key distributors

MR SOLUTIONS’ headquarters is based in Guildford, UK, with two facilities in Guildford: one for sales, marketing and administration purposes and the second facility for research and development, as well as the production of MRS products (EVO MRI spectrometers, MRS preclinical MRI and PET/SPECT modalities). From these offices MRS controls a team of service, sales and application people based across the globe.


MRS’ sales team is spread all around the world with the main locations being our European office (UK), North America (USA) and the office in Australia.

Service and Application Support

MRS’ service and application support employees are also based at every MRS office. MRS continues to increase local support in the main European countries.

Manufacturing and R&D

MRS’ products are manufactured at MRS Magnetics in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. An important team of physicists, engineers, including electronic and software, run the manufacturing and R&D. The R&D is the department that has been growing the fastest over the last 3 years and demonstrates MR Solutions’ commitment to the preclinical imaging market. The R&D team works very hard to develop the best quality products with unmatched performance. MRS’ goal is to provide innovative solutions that bring a real technology breakthrough to better scientists in their everyday research.

MRS International Offices

Boston, MA, USA

Our team in Boston respond to our fast growing customer base in North America. A team of service engineers, application specialists and sales personnel are based in Boston, MA.

Melbourne, Australia

Our team in Australia currently supports MRS business activities in the Asia-Pacific region and provides service and sales assistance to MRS distributors in Asia.


MRS has local distributors in various countries.
Please contact MRS to find your local MRS distributor in your country.


MR SOLUTIONS has over 2500 systems installed and therefore many customers around the world.