About Us

Leadership Team

MRS’ team has grown every year since 2011. MRS has sales and marketing staff based in the UK, France, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Dr. David Taylor

Founder and Chairman

David holds a PhD in Physics, an MBA and has been leading cutting edge MRI companies for 30 years.

Nicky Doughty

CEO and Director

Nicky has 20 years of experience in managing company operations. Nicky’s team supervises the entire supply chain process and daily company operations.

Fabrice Chaumard

Director, Global Sales & Marketing

Fabrice holds a degree in Biology and a Masters in Sales & Marketing. Fabrice has 20 years of experience in the life sciences and preclinical market and is currently managing the sales and marketing efforts for MRS.

Dr. Vera Zhang

President of MR SOLUTIONS Inc

Vera Zhang received a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Science degree in Physics, and a PhD degree in Business Administration. Dr. Zhang has an extensive background in MR technology, clinical applications, and FDA regulatory requirements. Prior to joining MR Solutions, Dr. Zhang was the head of engineering department, customer service department, and technical director for Aurora Imaging Technology leading a team of engineers, scientists, and physicists.