Simultaneous and sequential animal imaging up to 3 kg

The MRS*PET/MR 7.0T is a cryogen-free PET/MR scanner based on the proprietary Dry Magnet technology: MRS*DRYMAG.

The system doesn’t require liquid helium for the cooling, hence an easy installation even in biosafety laboratories. Two imaging configurations are available: Simultaneous imaging with MRS*PET INSERT and Sequential imaging with MRS*PET CLIP-ON.

  1. 7.0T  cryogen-free with a variable field feature for translational imaging
  2. Phased array multi-element, surface, volume, multi-nuclear coils etc..
  3. Animal imaging up to 10 kg
  4. PET field of view: Axial ≤ 200mm , transaxial ≤200 mm, Inner diameter ≤290 mm

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System Details

Main Specifications

Animal type Mice, Rats, & Marmosets ≤ 3kg animals / 10 kg animals
PET/MR System type Simultaneous / Sequential Simultaneous / Sequential
MR component  MRS*DRYMAG 7017/7024 MRS*DRYMAG 7024/7031/7042
PET removable from MR Yes Yes
PET CO attachable to CT Yes, for sequential PET/CT Imaging

PET Specifications

PET CLIP-ON:  Transaxial FOV 220 mm , 120 mm , 80 mm
PET INSERT: Transaxial FOV 120 mm, 80 mm, 42 mm
Axial FOV (mm)  ≤ 200 mm
Extended axial FOV (mm) 300 mm with motorised bed
PMT & Detectors configuration Silicon PM, Continuous detectors
Crystal material & Thickness (mm) Double Layers, LYSO/LYSO, 10 mm
Spatial Resolution with 3D OSEM (mm)  0.7 mm
Depth of Interaction (DOI) Yes – true DOI
Sensitivity  Up to 11% depending on configuration

MR Specifications

Magnet Strength  7.0T
Bore size 42 cm, 31 cm, 24 cm and 17 cm
Gradient strength  up to 2000 mT/m
Variable field/rampable yes for powerscan version
Magnet Technology Cryogen-Free, MRS*DRYMAG
Integral RF shield yes

Dimensions and weight with animal table

Total Weight PET/MR <700 kg for standard bore
PET/MR Dimensions 1525 mm (h) x 2545 mm (w) x 989 mm (l)
Overview PET/MR technology

MRS*DRYMAG: Proprietary Cryogen-free MR Technology

The MRS*DRYMAG technology up to 9.4T does not require liquid helium or liquid nitrogen for the cooling, hence the term dry magnet. This technology does not require quench pipes or quench valves reducing significantly the cost of installing the MRS*PET/MR.

MRS*PET INSERT Technology for simultaneous PET/MRI

The MRS*PET INSERT is designed for simultaneous acquisition together with the MR. It permits multi-parametric information on the same animal as both PET and MR are acquired simultaneously.

The PET INSERT is available in several bore sizes.

MRS*PET CLIP-ON Technology for PET/MR & PET/CT

MRS*PET CLIP-ON technology is a unique plug and play concept making the same PET component compatible with both CT and MR. This modular approach offers significant advantages in efficiency and workflow, and most importantly, considerably reduces the investment for the research institute.

PET Technology: True Depth Of Interaction (DOI)

The MRS*PET for small animal imaging uses the latest silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) technology. The detector assembly (crystal/ SiPM) allows true DOI with two pixelated layers of scintillator crystals with different matrices. This design enables the MR SOLUTIONS PET module to reach under 0.8mm resolution.

Animal Handling and monitoring

MRS*PET/MR‘s use advanced animal handling and animal monitoring systems. Much more than a simple animal bed for preclinical imagers, the system provides a well-controlled environment for handling lab animals and plays a critical role in obtaining accurate and reproducible imaging results.

MRS*Preclinical Scan: Multimodality imaging Software

Preclinical Scan is the multimodality interface for preclinical imaging. Under one interface users have access to all MRI functionalities such as adjusting MRI pulse sequences parameters, but also have access to the PET, SPECT and CT extended functionalities. We have designed the graphical user interface to be friendly and easy to set up, even for the new user. For the advanced user, real-time optimisation and advanced functionalities are available. Preclinical Scan software can be configured with different levels of access depending on the experience of designated users. Learn More

Pulse sequence programming and Spectroscopy software

Powerscan software allows the MRI physicist full access to all functions of the MRI system. Pulse sequences may be written and/or modified. Spectroscopy sequences and software can be provided. Learn More