About Us


A success story

1985, SMIS

In 1985 Dr. Taylor founded SMIS Ltd., a manufacturer of research MRI systems and spectrometers. To support the cost of the product development a few private investors joined SMIS. In 1999 some of these investor’s wished to cash out and therefore SMS was divided up and sold off by its institutional shareholders. A large clinical vendor purchased the largest piece.

1999, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging & MR Research

Dr. Taylor purchased a license to the SMIS MRI technology and founded MR Research Systems Ltd. Shortly afterwards a second company Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging Ltd. (www.hallmarq.net), a dedicated equine MRI systems supplier, was founded by Dr. Taylor in collaboration with a former SMIS colleague, Dr. N. Bolas. Hallmarq is today the worldwide leader in equine MRI systems.


In May 2004 MR Research systems and Hallmarq Veterinary restructured to permit further growth and MR SOLUTIONS Ltd. (MRS) (www.mrsolutions.com) was created to service the non-veterinary market.

MR SOLUTIONS acquired the MRI spectrometer hardware and software developed by MR Research, based on technology originally developed by SMIS Ltd. who had spent more than £10m on this development.

MRS EVO Spectrometers

Subsequently MRS completely re-engineered this hardware into the market leading EVO spectrometer and delivers today an average of more than 300 EVO spectrometers per year.

2011, Revolutionary Cryogen-free Preclinical MRI From 0.1T to 9.4T

In 2010, MRS launched a new research and development program for a revolutionary preclinical MRI system based on superconducting magnet technology but without the need for liquid helium. The success of this product was almost immediate and the first systems were installed from 2012 in the well-known preclinical research institutes. In 2014, MRS launched a totally new and revolutionary product: the first 7T MRI system, dry magnet, without liquid helium. In 2021 delivers its first 9.4T dry magnet cryogen-free MR.

2014, Molecular imaging PET/SPECT/MRI

Multi-modality imaging is crucial for any preclinical imaging platform; MR Solutions offers PET Inserts for simultaneous PET/MR imaging and PET or SPECT for sequential PET/MR or SPECT/MR imaging

2018, Molecular imaging CT for PET/CT and SPECT/CT

New preclinical CT devices from rodents to 12 kg animals. Compatible with existing PET and SPECT system for PET/CT or SPECT/CT imaging