MRI Spectrometers

MRI Spectrometers

MR SOLUTIONS is proud to offer its 10th generation MRI Spectrometer console, the EVO2 for preclinical and clinical MR imaging system control and operation. This complements the very successful EVO spectrometer. With over 2000 operational units installed across the world, MR SOLUTIONS is recognized as the leading independent developer and supplier of MRI spectrometers to OEM’S and single users.

The vast majority of MRI spectrometers run clinical systems whilst the rest have been specified and bought for scientific research needs, often outside normal research applications.

With the EVO’s being very robust and almost infinitely expandable they are the ‘go to’ market’ choice. MR SOLUTIONS’ 30 years of product development in this field ensures that these units have a stable architecture and will remain future proof.

Our range of EVO MRI spectrometers incorporates the latest digital technology and is acknowledged to have the widest range of features and capabilities of any spectrometer. These MRI spectrometers can be fitted as an upgrade to any existing MRI scanner to increase its features and capabilities.

Features & Benefits
  • EVO minimum 2 TX and 4 RX, expandable in units of 4 RX to 2 TX and 16 RX
  • EVO 2 Unlimited number of independent TX and RX channels
  • EVO 2 example single 6U chassis: 12 TX and 32 RX
  • EVO 2 example 4 chassis: 48 TX and 128 RX
  • Operation to 11.7T or higher
  • Full phased array support
  • Extensive sequence library
  • Choiceof user interfaces
  • Comprehensive development software
Sequences Library

View a detailed list of available Pulse Sequence Library including:

  • 2D, 3D GRE and SE
  • 2D, 3D FSE
  • Steady state CRE
  • Inversion recovery
  • Pre saturation and MTC imaging
  • Multi angle oblique imaging
  • EPI
  • Multiple echoes
  • Diffusion weighted imaging
  • Diffusion tensor imaging
  • 2D, 3D angiography
  • In vivo spectroscopy

Software Choices