Clinical Conversion Kit

Clinical Conversion Kit

Want to do small animal imaging? Have access to a clinical MRI system?

MR Solutions offer a conversion kit, that enables small animal imaging using only the magnetic field of a clinical MRI system.
Our preclinical conversion kit enables the use of existing clinical MRI systems for small animal research.

  • Complete independence of the clinical system hardware
  • Use only the clinical magnet, no dependency on the clinical systems’ electronics or software

The kit includes the following:

The conversion kit can also be an upgrade path to MR Solutions cryogen free MRI systems, ranging from 0.1T to 7.0T for small animal imaging.

MRS 317 MRS 331
Gradient System
Gradient Diameter: 156/100mm 305/205mm
Strength: X – 486 mT/m
Y – 470 mT/m
Z – 530 mT/m
X – 200 mT/m
Y – 200 mT/m
Z – 200 mT/m
Linearity: Over 70mm:+/-5% Over 120mm:+/-5%
RF Coils
Mouse Volume (Body): 38mm ID Quadrature birdcage
Mouse Head: 20mm ID Quadrature birdcage
Rat Body: 65mm ID Quadrature birdcage
Rat Head: 42mm ID Quadrature birdcage
X Nuclei: Yes
Large Animal: Yes No
EVO Spectrometer: 2TX, 4RX – Optional RX channels in blocks of 4
RF Transmit Amplifier Power: 500W 1000W
Pre-amplifiers x2, gain: 30dB
Pre-amps x2 Noise Figure: < 0.3dB
Gradient Amplifiers: X,Y,Z
Shim Power Supplies: B0 plus 5 channels for second order
Cabinet Size & Weight: 158cm High x 78cm Deep x 55cm Wide x 150Kg
How it works

All you would need is access to the magnetic field of a clinical MRI system. MR Solutions’ conversion kit will enable you to do preclinical research studies using the clinical system’s magnet.

The MR Solutions’ kit operates completely independently from the clinical systems’ hardware and software.

The kit includes all electronics, gradients, animal handling, user workstation,  software and sequences.

Preclinical Applications

LRat_Brainike other preclinical modalities, MRI can monitor in vivo biological variables noninvasively, and serially track the progression of a disease or intervention in the same living animal, thus improving a study’s biological and translational relevance. MRI is without parallel in providing detailed anatomical and morphological data, for soft tissue structures.

Learn more about the various applications including:

  • Brain imaging
  • Organ imaging
  • Tumor assessment
  • Disease progression assessment
  • Functional imaging
  • Investigating new contrast mechanisms and agents
  • Monitoring gene expression
  • Analyzing protein interactions
  • Determining pharmacokinetics