Animal Handling

An important part of preclinical in vivo imaging is the ability to image the same animal repeatedly over time, using different imaging modalities. To ensure a streamlined workflow and ease-of-use, MR SOLUTIONS provides industry standard accessories, making your animal handling easier.

Animal Beds

The animal beds (imaging cells) for preclinical imaging are designed and developed with the help of biologists and in vivo imaging system specialists. The industry standard Minerve beds enable repeat examinations on the same animal and enables multi-modality imaging. The animal beds/cells provide the transfer of anesthetic gas, controlled heating and a pathogen free environment. The cells enable repeatable positioning of the animal and the controlled gas anesthesia maintains the animal at a constant level of sedation. The heating system keeps the animal at normal temperature during the imaging process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bed graduated along axis to ensure positioning reproducibility
  • Channel for the anesthetic gas supply
  • Integrated stereotactic holder
  • Tubular structure allowing warmed air circulation
  • Tooth bar to immobilize the animal
  • Provision for physiological monitoring and gating

Bed Sizes:

  • Mouse Bed
  • Rat Bed
  • Large Animal Bed
Temperature Control


Maintaining anesthetized animals’ basal temperature is very important during imaging procedures. The Multi-Station Temperature Control Unit enables control of body temperature of one to four animals under anaesthesia, thus eliminating hypothermia effects. It ensures controlled regulation of temperature via respiratory tracts (heated anaesthetic gas). The device is equipped with an analog output (100mV/°C, 5V full scale) that can be used to record the body temperature curves of the animals.