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The compact preclinical MRI imaging solution – when size really matters!

Size really does matter when laboratories specify preclinical MRI imaging technology – in fact space is at such a premium that insufficient floor area often precludes purchase. The high field Flexiscan and Powerscan cryogen-free systems from MR Solutions have a compact design and are simply wheeled in and connected to the mains and other services whilst providing state of the art imaging. And – to please the finance team – the capital and running costs of this system are substantially less than a larger, wet magnet system.


With a magnet weight of under 350 Kg for the 7T cryogen-free preclinical imaging system and magnet dimensions of 88 cm x 82 cm width, for site planning purposes, the recommended minimum space requirement is only 8 square metres. Space really does not need to be a limiting factor any more!


The cryogen-free dry magnet technology requires no helium and is almost four times lighter than wet magnet technology, meaning that no floor reinforcement is necessary. MR Solutions’ magnet technology includes superconducting wire which eliminates the need for a bulky helium cooling system and external vent. The height of the system is a mere 138 cm so no additional ceiling height is required.


David Taylor, CEO, at MR Solutions said: “We have been able to design our 3T to 9.4T Flexiscan and Powerscan systems within a compact footprint where the availability of space has been a problem for many of our clients. Our new scanners can fit into relatively small spaces and in close proximity to other preclinical imaging technologies as they have a stray field of only a few centimetres.”


MR Solutions which won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2016 for innovation, one of the UK’s highest accolades recognising business achievement, has also pioneered multi-modality imaging which dispenses with the need for separate systems. PET-MRI or SPECT-MRI imaging either for independent acquisition, sequential acquisition, or simultaneous acquisition can be added to the MRI system for multi-modality imaging.


MR Solutions has over 30 years’ experience and in excess of 1000 installations across the world. This includes sales of their MRI spectrometers. Its head office is at Ashbourne House, The Guildway, Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey GU3 1LR; tel: + 44 1483 532146;; with offices in the USA and distributors world-wide.