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MR Solutions installs world’s first Cryogen free 9.4T MRI system

MRS*DRYMAG 9.4T:  Cryogne-free 9.4T MRI system

MR Solutions installs the world’s first cryogen-free 9.4T MR. The superconducting dry magnet does not require quench lines and the system can be installed in biosafety labs and on any floor as the system only weighs 700 kg. The variable field feature allows translational imaging studies.

Built-in with SmartMI AI for preclinical MRI: A 9.4T MRI with the SNR of a >20T system

The MRS*DRYMAG 9.4T system can be used in combination with MR Solutions new, cutting edge, AI software “SmartMI” for noise reduction and resolution enhancement.