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Arizona State University begins work on 9.4T cryogen-free MR

Arizona State University begins work with 9.4T cryogen-free high-field MR imaging system for preclinical research from MR SOLUTIONS.

MR Solutions, Guildford, UK, recently installed a new 9.4T MRI system with variable fields at 7T and 3T, at Arizona State University, in Tempe, Arizona. This scanner will be managed by the ASU BioSciences Core to support ASU’s medical imaging research for early detection of in tissue microenvironment, to engineer new solutions for personalized medicine, and to train the next generation of leaders in imaging.

Jason Steel, Sr. Director, Biosciences Core and Vikram Kodibagkar, Associate Professor, SBHSE

The high-field scanner is housed on ASU’s Tempe campus. It is a superconducting, cryogen-free system based on the dry magnet technology developed by MR Solutions. This preclinical system does not require any liquid helium or liquid nitrogen for the cooling process. The technology has advantages in providing systems that are very light and compact, unlike traditional heavy, wet magnet technology with liquid helium and quench pipes. This revolutionary design allows this scanner to be installed in small spaces and near other lab equipment since it is self-shielded in regard to RF interference (noise), and has a very small fringe field (i.e. 5-gauss line). The 9.4T magnet also has a variable field capability which allows it to operate in persistent mode at field strengths of 3T, 7T and 9.4T.

This pioneering and versatile technology will enable ASU to continue developing early detection of disease conditions in neurology, oncology and diabetes by providing soft-tissue contrast in tissue microenvironments.

The MR Solutions multi-field Powerscan MRI system will fill a critical need for a state-of-the-art preclinical MRI facility at ASU and accelerate cutting-edge basic and translational research in neuroscience, cancer, tissue engineering, metabolism, and drug discovery for scientists at ASU and the region,” said Vikram Kodibagkar, associate professor with ASU’s School of Biological and Health System Engineering.

The 9.4T dry magnet from MR Solutions will be a great benefit to the ASU team for various applications such as translational imaging between clinic and preclinical with the variable field capabilities. The 9.4T is compatible with simultaneous PET/MR imaging too” said Fabrice Chaumard, Sales and marketing at MR Solutions.

Nicky Doughty, CEO at MR Solutions said, “We are among the pioneers who brought high-field cryogen-free MRI on the market. At MR Solutions we consider that innovation is the only route that can bring real benefits to the research community. With its exclusive dry magnet technology, MR Solutions has become the market leader in high-field cryogen-free MR.

MR Solutions, based in the UK, has over 36 years’ experience and in excess of 2,000 installations including spectrometer sales across the world. MR Solutions holds the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise awards, achieving this for Innovation in 2016 and 2019 and for International Trade in 2017. MR Solutions also has offices in the US and technical support in all the major centres.

Jason Steel, Sr. Director, Biosciences Core and Vikram Kodibagkar, Associate Professor, SBHSE