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MR Solutions recognised in The Parliamentary Review

MR Solutions is an independent world-leader in MRI technology and a developer and manufacturer of the world’s first range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free (dry magnet) and preclinical benchtop MR systems. A spin-out of the University of Surrey, its first two decades saw it sell its products to a range of businesses, before it evolved to its current model of selling research equipment. Founder and chairman Dr David Taylor reveals more about the company’s success and details the approach it has taken.
During our operations we have raised some 11 rounds of finance, and in 2006 we focused our interests on the element of the company that we found particularly interesting. Our reputation allows us to work closely with the bank and has served to provide us with a great deal of stability. All money we earn goes back into our company, and through reinvesting our profits we are able to accelerate our growth…

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