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Norway’s arctic university Tromsø installs MR Solutions’ high field, dry magnet, PET-MR imaging system

Norway’s arctic university Tromsø installs MR Solutions’ high field, dry magnet, PET-MR imaging system

For use in advanced medical research into inflammation, oncology and nephritis the 7T PET-MR imaging system from MR Solutions provides a combination of PET and MRI images either simultaneously or separately. This ground breaking combination technology allows researchers to have superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging together.

Head of the PET Imaging Center, Professor Rune Sundset, commented “the acquisition of MR Solution’s state-of-the-art 7T PET-MRI system will not only enable us to carry out more detailed imaging in the studies on our glioma research project but will also be used to advance research across many other conditions.”


The imaging system combines MR Solution’s unique dry magnet MR imaging system, which does away with the need for liquid helium, with a removable PET imaging module inserted within the magnet for a large axial field of view of 15 cm. The PET module utilises the latest SiPM – silicon photomultipliers – technology which has many advanced features. Removing the PET module allows full access to the 24 cm bore of the MR system.


The PET module can also be used separately as a stand-alone system or used in combination with MR Solutions’ CT system for sequential PET/CT imaging.


Not only does the combined PET-MR system provide the most advanced images but also due to its dry technology is a fraction of the size and weight of conventional systems. Other advantages are; a solenoid placed on the casing reduces the stray magnetic field from metres to a few centimetres allowing installation next to other sensitive equipment; there are no ongoing costly helium top ups – helium price has risen by 100% in the last decade and is continuing to rise; the system can be wheeled through the door without the need for cranes or expensive building alterations to accommodate the emergency venting required with traditional “wet” MRI scanners.


The company’s preclinical MRI and PET systems have been recognised with a number of global award wins including three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise – for innovation in 2016 and 2019 and for international trade in 2017.

MR Solutions has its global headquarters in the UK, with offices in the USA and an extensive network of distributors and support staff across the world.