PET INSERT Simultaneous PET/MR

Simultaneous imaging for rodents PET/MR

The PET INSERT is designed for simultaneous imaging in combination with MR Solutions MRI up to 9.4T. The system can image whole body mouse and rat heads.  The PET module is removable from the MR allowing researchers to use the MR without the PET inside and consequently have access to the full bore of the MR system.  The PET INSERT can be operated as a benchtop device or connected to MR Solutions CT for PET/CT sequential imaging

  • Simultaneous PET/MR imaging
  • From mice to rats
  • Benchtop PET design for stand alone PET imaging
  • MR compatible up to 9.4T.
  • Connectable to MR Solutions CT for PET/CT imaging

The PET INSERT is available in different configurations with different trans-axial field of views, allowing imaging from mice to rats. The axial field of view can be extended up to 150 mm by having up to 3 PET rings.

Features & Benefits
  • Simultaneous PET/MR imaging up to 9.4T
  • Sequential PET/CT imaging
  • Detachable from the CT or/and the MR
  • From mice to rats: PET INSERT systems are available with different transaxial field of view
  • Compact and light
  • Portable assembly
  • Superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capability for great visualization, quantification and translational studies
  • Enables Multi-modality imaging
System Details
Resolution: 3DOSEM:
DOI: Depth of interaction:
Dual-layer LYSO matrix with 1/2 pixel offset between lower and upper layer
AFOV: Effective axial field-of-view:
up to 150mm
Provides DICOM data output (Bigger size available on request)

Data and specifications subject to change without notice

The Technology


The MRS-PET implements the latest technology in Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM). These SiPM have performance characteristics similar to a conventional PMT, while benefiting from the practical advantages of solid-state technology:

  • low operating voltage
  • robustness
  • compactness
  • high-temperature stability
  • light over-exposure


Benefits of Simultaneous PET/MRI

PET/MRI imaging offers a variety of benefits specifically, but not limited to cardiovascular, neurobiology and cancer researchers:

  • Improved image registration and fusion enables more accurate anatomical localization of PET findings
  • Lower radiation dose in whole-body imaging compared with PET/CT
  • Shorter overall imaging times, enables higher throughput
  • Simultaneously view rapidly changing physiological and pathological processes