For Mice, rats, Marmosets, Rabbits and Large animals

The preclinical CT system from MR Solutions (MRS-CT)  is designed for stand-alone CT operation and sequential multimodality imaging in combination with MR Solutions PET and SPECT modules. The PET and SPECT module are detachable from the MRS-CT and can be coupled with MR Solutions’ MRI. This dramatically improves the workflow of the laboratory and limits the cost as only one PET or SPECT module is required to accomplish PET/CT, SPECT/CT, SPECT/MR & PET/MR imaging.

The MRS-CT is available in four models from rodents imaging and from 40µm resolution to >3µm resolution

Features & Benefits
  • Multimodality :  Compatible with PET CLIP-ON, PET INSERT and SPECT CLIP-ON.
  • High field MR compatibility:  MRS-CT can be installed next to MR Solutions cryogen-free MR up to 9.4T
  • Four CT models with high resolution and variable zoom
  • From rodents to NHP: MRS-CT systems are available with different transaxial field of view
  • Complete animal handling solution
System Details
Animal Models: Mice, rats, marmosets, rabbits and NHP
Resolution Up to 3µm
Variable zoom:  Yes, option
Bore Size: from 10cm to 31cm
Weight: From 350kg
Site Requirements: Plug and Play System – No special room construction
Ideal for:
  • Multi-modality workspaces
  • Side by side installation with MR/PET/SPECT and Optical modalities
  • Multi-modal interchangeable beds
  • Class 3 & 4 laboratories


The System

The MRS systems are used worldwide by leading institutions for a wide range of life sciences research applications including, functional, molecular, anatomical and multi-modality imaging.

  • No special site requirements for the MRS systems.
  • Compact with a small footprint design that can be placed side-by-side with other imaging modalities.
Animal Handling

Minerve3MRS systems use Minerve animal handling system. Much more than a simple animal bed for preclinical imagers, the Minerve system provides a well-controlled environment for handling lab animals and plays a critical role in obtaining accurate, reproducible imaging results, while also maintaining each animal’s health and the safety of the surrounding lab environment.


Available Software options: