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MR Solutions’ order book for Pre-clinical scanners is already 30% above last year’s record figures

  • MR Solutions remains the only manufacturer of cryogen free superconducting MRI scanners with commercially installed systems in operation


MR Solutions which continues to lead the way in technological innovation in preclinical scanning systems has over the last year expanded its offering with a range of four CT scanners, extended its cryogen free range of MRI scanners to five models ranging from 3T to 9.4T.

All the CT and MRI scanners can now be fitted with PET and SPECT clip-ons which are interchangeable across both ranges. The MRI scanners can also be fitted with PET or SPECT inserts for simultaneous scanning.

Dr David Taylor Chairman and founder commented “To meet the challenges that are presented by growth we have reorganised the company to ensure that we can provide the best customer support across our expanding global footprint. We are also delighted by the success of our new state of the art CT scanners. They complement our range of advanced cryogen free MRI scanners and with interchangeable carrier beds and PET and SPECT scanners really speed up the scanning process.”

The preclinical MRI imaging market has now accepted cryogen free superconducting magnet technology as the preferred solution since its introduction to the market by MR Solutions in 2012. Its significant advantages of reducing weight and size by a factor of five, having a stray magnetic field of a few centimetres against metres, the power of the magnet can be varied and offering the best resolution has made it the choice of nearly all the leading research laboratories across the world.

MR Solutions has its own development and manufacturing unit. This world leading facility which is constantly pushing the boundaries of magnet design is now being commissioned to produce superconducting magnets for companies outside the scanning field.

In order to sustain ongoing sales growth, MR Solutions has restructured its business with a holding company, MR Solutions Group Ltd. Separate operating divisions include MRR Systems Ltd which supports OEM assembly (for other manufacturers) and spectrometer sales; MR Solutions Ltd, for preclinical imaging system sales and support – with MR Solutions Inc (Boston); MR Solutions LLC (Florida); and distributors supporting geographical regions. MRS Magnetics Ltd is the specialist magnetic and gradient coils manufacturing facility outside Oxford.

MR Solutions has over 30 years’ experience in the scanning field and in excess of 2000 installations across the world. Its scanners are renowned for their excellence in terms of superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging ability.