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MR Solutions introduce the world’s first commercial range of simultaneous PET/MRI preclinical scanners

PET and MRI preclinical imaging systems can now be operated simultaneously for the first time by researchers. This follows the introduction of MR Solutions’ commercially available MRS-PET system which is inserted within the cryogen free 3T, 4.7T, or 7T MRI magnet. The simultaneous acquisition of PET and MRI data allows faster workflow as well as results from two different imaging modalities during the same timeframe, for more accurate comparative results.

Simultaneous PET/MRI imaging will be of major benefit to scientists undertaking cardiovascular, neurobiology and cancer research. Imaging resolution results are considered to be the equal if not superior than for previous systems provided and may be the best on the market at <0.8mm.

Improved image registration and fusion facilitates more accurate anatomical localisation of PET findings and allows researchers to view rapidly changing physiological and pathological processes. As workflow is faster across the combined imaging modalities radiation is significantly reduced.

MR Solutions also offers a sequential PET/MR imaging system which can be carried out by clipping MRS-PET in front of the bore of the MRI technology. The imaging can then be carried out automatically from one modality to another on the same axis. This is a lower cost solution.

The multi-modality technology, with MRS-PET clip-on accessory, also allows independent use of MRI or PET imaging without the need to move subjects to different machines which may be located in different parts of a laboratory or research centre.

This is yet another world first for MR Solutions who developed the first commercial range of 3T and 7T cryogen free superconducting systems. The company, based in Guildford, in the UK, is the world’s largest independent developer and manufacturer of 3T to 7T preclinical MRI bench top systems and spectrometers.

In 2012, the company developed the world’s first commercially available high-performance 3T preclinical MRI bench top scanner using super-conducting magnets which eliminates the need for liquid helium cooling. It has also cut the scanner’s stray magnetic field so that other laboratory equipment can be safely operated within centimetres of the unit. A more powerful 7T range followed in 2014.

MR Solutions’ Chief Executive, Dr David Taylor, said: “We are always looking at ways to improve research results. Our multi-modality technology now facilitates simultaneous PET/MRI imaging for much faster research outcomes as well as the acquisition of data from two imaging modalities simultaneously. Researchers will be able to quickly carry out their work on subjects with rapidly changing physiological and pathological processes. A great deal of time can now be saved in the laboratory helping to speed up drug development.”