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MR Solutions displays a range of cutting edge preclinical MRI imaging solutions at WMIC 2014

MR Solutions has demonstrated its worldwide presence in the preclinical MRI imaging sector at the 2014 World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Seoul, Korea in September 2014. Being shown for the first time was MR Solutions new in vivo optical imaging technology, the MRS CellLIVETM system that can examine the interior of a sedated animal down to cellular level at up to 1000 times magnification. This system, including scientific analysis software, facilitates optical microscopy of small animal subjects for preclinical research without having to carry out a dissection.

The MR Solutions’ CellLIVETM system is due to be launched in 2015 to meet the growing requirements of the preclinical research market. This complements the company’s highly regarded Cryogen free 3T and 7T preclinical MRI imaging solutions, which have multi-modality capabilities including PET and SPECT.

The World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) is organized by the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS), the European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI), and the Federation of Asian Societies for Molecular Imaging (FASMI). The conference is led by academic and industry professionals with molecular imaging expertise. Previous events have been held across the world in France, Canada, Japan, California, Ireland and Georgia.

MR Solutions is the world’s largest independent developer and manufacturer of preclinical MRI technology and was the first company to develop a commercial cryogen free 3T range of preclinical benchtop MRI systems in 2012, followed by the more powerful 7T range in 2014.

David Taylor, the CEO, of MR Solutions explained: “To meet future requirements of the preclinical research market we are investing our resources to develop new ways of achieving better research results at a more competitive price. Our new CellLIVETM optical imaging system can be used in a broad range of animal investigations with fluorescent contrast agents and molecular markers with fantastic imaging quality.”

MR Solutions has over 30 years’ experience and in excess of 1000 installations across the world. Its scanners are renowned for their excellence in terms of superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging ability.