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MR Solutions’ conversion kit transforms clinical MRI system into a preclinical scanner

A clinical MRI scanner can be transformed into an effective preclinical system using a simple to fit conversion kit from MR Solutions of Guildford, Surrey. The transformation, which can be undertaken in around ten minutes, involves sliding in a carrier system linked to a separate state of the art EVO spectrometer providing superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capabilities.

This is a major breakthrough for clinical facilities which also conduct their own research as it enables existing technology to be utilised without the need for extensive investment in a separate system.

MRI in preclinical research is used to monitor in vivo biological variables non-invasively and track disease progression or any subsequent intervention in a living animal. The use of MRI is particularly important in research, for detailed soft tissue analysis, both anatomical and morphological.

The preclinical carrier, which is available with a bore size of 17 cm or 31 cm, is customised for each type of scanner and slides along the bed to fit snugly within the clinical scanner. A simple connection on the preclinical bore links to an independent set of RI electronics controlled by the advanced EVO spectrometer. This enables the preclinical system to work completely independently from the existing electronics controlling the clinical system. (Clinical Kit)

Dr David Taylor, CEO of MR Solutions, said: “We are always being asked by university research units how they can make use of their very expensive clinical scanner rather than having to buy a totally new machine for preclinical research. We put a team together and have devised what we believe is a really well designed and cost effective solution providing excellent results.”

The clinical conversion kit includes new state of the art electronics, gradients, animal handling, user workstation, software and sequences. The MR Solutions’ kit is completely independent from the clinical system’s hardware and software. A trolley stores the preclinical bore when not in use and is customised to clip onto the scanner bed so that it slides in effortlessly.

On the back of ground-breaking launches MR Solutions, the world’s largest independent developer and manufacturer of preclinical MRI technology, has fast developed a positive reputation as an organisation which tackles industry issues head on. It developed the world’s first commercial, cryogen free 3T range of benchtop MRI scanners in 2012, followed by the more powerful 7T range in 2014 and a 4.7T model to meet demand in 2015.

MR Solutions has over 30 years’ experience and in excess of 1000 installations across the world. Its scanners are renowned for their excellence in terms of superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging ability. With offices in the UK and USA plus distributors in all the major markets, supply, maintenance and service is offered across the globe.

Learn more about our clinical conversion kit here.