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MR Solutions brings preclinical MRI technology to Class 3 and 4 laboratories

MR Solutions enables 3T, 4.7T or 7T preclinical benchtop MRI scanner to  be placed inside a Class 3 or 4 laboratory providing superior soft tissue contrast and high spatial resolution. This is because the revolutionary new high powered MRI scanners from MR Solutions, which are cryogen free, no longer need any external venting.

Laboratory facilities are designated ‘levels’ dependent upon the risk of the various chemical agents they work with. Regulation stipulates that Class 3 and 4 laboratories are required to adhere to strict isolation and ventilation requirements which make the use of all other high powered MRI scanners impossible.

MR Solutions’ breakthrough magnet design incorporates new superconducting wire technology which eradicates the need for a bulky helium cooling system and the external venting system that would have to be installed alongside. This allows the optimum installation of an additional solenoid which reduces the stray magnetic field to a few centimetres enabling the MRI system to be placed alongside other sensitive equipment within Class 3 and 4 laboratories.

The MR Solutions range of 3T, 4.7T and 7T MRI scanners can be further enhanced to become a combined MRI, PET and SPECT scanner.

Dr David Taylor, physicist and CEO of MR Solutions said, “The level 3 and 4 laboratories we have spoken to are very excited about this development. We are really delighted to be able to offer a machine which can not only meet their needs but can also incorporate state of the art PET and SPECT capabilities.”

MR Solutions’ range of helium free, bench top, MRI scanners (3T is available in bore sizes of 17 cm and 31 cm, the 7T in bore sizes of 17 cm and 24 cm, while the 4.7T is available with a bore size of 17 cm) have been a complete game changer in the field of preclinical scanning.

The scanners can sit on a bench top and are very competitively priced as they do not need the costly helium cooling and ventilation systems of competitor products or the need for costly building alterations.

MR Solutions has over 30 years’ experience in developing preclinical scanners for research and academia and in excess of 1000 installations across the world. It also develops MRI systems and sub systems to individual customer specifications.

MR Solutions has its global headquarters at Ashbourne House, The Guildway, Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey GU3 1LR; tel: + 44 1483 532146;;