MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging


The Research User – For ultimate flexibility

The package offers ultimate flexibility and is effectively the engine for both clinical and preclinical systems. The Powerscan software package permits access to all functions of the system for experienced users. It enables the writing of pulse sequences.

Powerscan allows the MRI physicist full access to all functions of the MRI system. Pulse sequences may be written and/or modified and new reconstruction algorithms incorporated. Full source code to all pulse sequences is supplied.

Features & Benefits
  • Full control of the system
  • Access to individual components such as RECON
  • Interface to user programs
  • Flexible pulse programming environment with user defined graphical wave shape generation
  • Interactive setup mode for sequence parameter optimization including real-time display of images and/or spectra and time data
  • Scripting of own set of modes of acquisition
  • Customisable reconstruction processing
  • DICOM export