Preclinical PET/CT up to 12Kg animals

The large bore MRS*PET/CT 220 is designed for animal imaging and veterinary use from rodents to animals up to 12KG (upon animal shape).

The MRS*PET 220 has an inner bore size of 311 mm and provides an active transaxial eld of view of 220mm.

The system offers the latest technology with true Depth of Interaction (DOI). This enables high resolutions across the whole eld of view to be achieved.

  • 220 mm transaxial FOV
  • 310 mm bore size
  • 206 mm axial FOV
System Details

Main Specifications

Animal type Up to 12 kg animals (shape depending)
PET/CT System type Floor stand
PET component MRS*PET 220
CT component MRS*CT 220

PET Specifications

Inner diameter & transracial FOV (mm)  295 mm (ID) & 220 mm (tFOV)
Axial FOV (mm) 206.0 mm
Extended axial FOV (mm) 400.0 mm
PMT & Detectors configuration Silicon PM, Continuous detectors
Crystal material & Thickness (mm) Double Layers, LYSO/LYSO, 10 mm
Spatial Resolution with 3D OSEM (mm)  ≤1.3 mm
Spatial Resolutions with FBP (mm) 1.8 mm
Depth of Interaction (DOI) Yes – true DOI
Sensitivity  7.5%
Average Energy Resolutions (%) 22%

CT Specifications

Power Output/Tube (W) 90 W
X-ray tube Voltage Range 40-90 kVp
X-ray tube Current Range  0.5 mA
Detector Pixel Matrix 3096 x 3100
Magnification  1.7
Spatial Resolution  50 μm
Voxel size Resolution 25 μm
Low does system Yes

Dimensions and weight with animal table

Total Weight PET/CT 1200 kg
PET/CT Dimensions 1740 mm (h) x 1460 mm (w) x 2580 mm (l)
Animal Handling

Minerve3MRS systems use Minerve animal handling system. Much more than a simple animal bed for preclinical imagers, the Minerve system provides a well-controlled environment for handling lab animals and plays a critical role in obtaining accurate, reproducible imaging results, while also maintaining each animal’s health and the safety of the surrounding lab environment.