Confocal Microscopy

In vivo optical imaging – MRS CellLIVE™ System

MRS CellLIVE is a powerful, handheld fluorescence confocal endomicroscope imaging system that is designed specifically for in vivo research of a variety of animal models in a broad range of studies and investigations. This miniaturised confocal microscope technology enables a broad range of research applications and produces exquisite, high resolution in vivo images with fluorescent contrast agents and molecular markers.

The MRS CellLIVE system delivers sub-micron resolution and image clarity unsurpassed in a probe that measures less than 3.5mm in diameter. The image quality will amaze.

Application Examples
Dog Stomach

Dog Stomach

Blade of Grass

Blade of Grass

Features & Benefits
  • True 3D in vivo confocal imaging
  • 1080p High resolution sub-micron images
  • Complete animal handling solution
  • Comprehensive software suite
  • Suitable for in vivo and ex vivo studies
  • High resolution in vivo microscopy
  • Sub-micron, sub-cellular detail
  • Real-time functional imaging
  • An easy to use handheld or mounted endomicroscope
  • Powerful image analysis software
System Details
Wavelength: 488.0 nm
Laser: <1mW at the sample
Filter Wheel: 8 position – standard
12 position – on request
Laser Probe Dimensions: 3mm x 30mm
Scan Area: 500 x 500 µm (Scan mode dependent)
Scan Depth: 250 µm
Resolution: < 0.5 µm lateral; <4.5 µm z axis
Z-step: 3 µm; precision 1 µm
Acquisitions: Single Frames
Time Series
Dimensions (Processor): 410mm x 150mm x 420mm x 13kg


Preclinical Applications

CellLIVE enables researchers to study and quantify in vivo observations of biological processes at cellular and sub-cellular levels. CellLIVE can be used in a wide variety of applications. Learn more about the various applications including:

  • Arthroscopy and cartilage
  • Cell Tracking and Thrombosis detection
  • Tumor angiogenesis & Oncology
  • Neurobiology
  • Biodistribution Studies
  • Immunology
  • Inflammation
Small Animal Workstation

CellLIVE-AnimalHandlingThe small animal workstation is a compact heated surgical platform that displays:

  • ECG
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Body Temperature

Heated Surgical Platform

  • ECG Electrodes (4 mouse limb electrodes,  4 rat limb electrodes)
  • External electrodes with 1.5mm DIN jacks
  • Electronic heating with multiple zone control Temperature Control

Rectal Temperature Probe: Probe Type Mouse-specific 19mm stainless steel Sensor Type Copper-Constantan thermocouple Accuracy +/-0.1°C after calibration.


Complete Software Suite Included for 3D Image Analysis and Visualization

  • Multi-Dimensional Visualization
  • 3D Volume Measurements
  • 3D Object Counting
  • 3D Manual Measurements
  • 3D Movie Maker
  • Powerful 2D image processing and analysis