Consulting & Design

MR SOLUTIONS has been developing MR Imaging systems for over 30 years, for some of the most diverse research applications you could imagine. From horizontal to vertical magnets, permanent or ‘wet’, requiring liquid helium. Too many systems to count have been designed and delivered for a wide range of scientific, commercial and industrial applications.

MR SOLUTIONS’ understanding of the technology, the control through inclusion of its proven EVO MRI spectrometer with its standard system architecture and a common software platform, enables us to engineer a solution exclusively for your needs.

Our pioneering development of cryogen free MR imaging systems shows the ability to think outside the box when a design request is made and the confidence that we will successfully deliver a solution of an agreed specification and capability.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for the “impossible” and call upon our design and consulting division for help and advice if you have a project in mind.