Simultaneous & sequential acquisition of PET & MR – MRS-PETTM

The new MRS-PET for small animal imaging offers a major breakthrough in high performance functional imaging technology. Our revolutionary MRS-PET preclinical PET/MR system provides superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capability.

MRS-PET, coupled with the MRS cryogen free MRI system, is the first totally modular commercial preclinical system for simultaneous multi-modality imaging.

Researchers have the choice of:

  • Independent use of their MRI system.
  • PET imaging using the MRS-PET as a stand alone device on a bench.
  • Simultaneous acquisition of PET and MRI data by inserting the MRS-PET inside the MRI magnet.
  • Sequential PET/MR imaging by clipping the MRS-PET in front of the bore of the MRS-MRI. Animal translates automatically from one modality to the other on the same axis.
  • Operate the PET and the MRI systems simultaneously on a side by side configuration. This capability increases the workflow of the laboratory.

The MRS-PET is available in different configurations with different trans-axial field of views, allowing imaging from mice to NHP. The axial field of view can be extended up to 150 mm by having up to 3 PET rings.

Features & Benefits
  • Standalone PET operation possible
  • Compact and light
  • Portable assembly with easy clip-on/clip-off
  • Easy fit to MRS 3000 and MRS 7000 MRI
  • Superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capability for great visualization, quantification and translational studies
  • Enables Multi-modality imaging
System Details
Resolution: 3DOSEM:
DOI: Depth of interaction:
Dual-layer LYSO matrix with 1/2 pixel offset between lower and upper layer
AFOV: Effective axial field-of-view:
45mm – 1 Ring
90mm – 2 Rings (MRS-PET-2R)
135mm – 3 Rings (MRS-PET-3R)
AFOV is extendible by automated movement of the translation stage
TFOV: Effective reconstructed trans-axial field of view:
70 mm
Provides DICOM data output (Bigger size available on request)

Data and specifications subject to change without notice

The Technology


The MRS-PET implements the latest technology in Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM). These SiPM have performance characteristics similar to a conventional PMT, while benefiting from the practical advantages of solid-state technology:

  • low operating voltage
  • robustness
  • compactness
  • high-temperature stability
  • light over-exposure


Benefits of Simultaneous PET/MRI

Simultaneous PET/MRI imaging offers a variety of benefits specifically, but not limited to cardiovascular, neurobiology and cancer researchers:

  • Improved image registration and fusion enables more accurate anatomical localization of PET findings
  • Lower radiation dose in whole-body imaging compared with PET/CT
  • Shorter overall imaging times, enables higher throughput
  • Simultaneously view rapidly changing physiological and pathological processes